Saturday, July 01, 2006

Charles Manson, Clive Barker, Charles Baudelaire, Jesus Christ, and Bill Brasky got their ideas by hearing me talk in my sleep. | Gary Busey won't return my phone calls. | i was kicked off America's Next Top Model. apparently, i'm not "TV" pretty. | i don't think the dinosaurs are dead. | if i ever get cancer, i want to undergo an operation that will make it contagious. | i've been threatened by the CIA and the FBI for releasing evidence that proves Tori Amos and Kate Bush are the same person. | the movie "the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" is based on my life story, except for the part about the pants, the sisterhood, and not flashing kindergardners.


I'm a Nihilistic Romantic Misanthropic Suicide Advocating Abotion Encouraging Mass Murder Condoning Anti-Anti, a Self Hating Anarchist, a Vegan Cannibal, a Cynical Optimist, an Upbeat Pessimist. I'm the Pro-Death who loves life. a Minimalistic Poet. a Poetic Minimalist. an Agreeable Contrarian. an Obsessive Compulsive with a compulsions to obsess. a Walking Contradiction whose feet are asleep.


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