Tuesday, July 04, 2006

NP:Jay-Z/Linkin Park gay rape party mix

i'm sort of drunk and typing here. Empire discs is going out of buisness. i bought Anodyne and Whale and Thoughts of Ionesco there. fun music for rape parties, not that i know...i did smell a pretty girl, not like sniffing her or anything but she sat next to me and i just let my nostrils be graced with her fragrance. then i realized what a fucking creep i am for lingering on a girl who is obviously uncomfortable enough just sitting next to me, so i just sat back and enjoyed the tunes...Rollins Band... Weight. i don't care if it's his "MTV' album. i think it rocks and "Disconnect" makes me want to Falling Down all over your ass. Miami Vice is a movie now. Summer of Sam is a better movie than i remember. that scene where Jeniffer Espisito sings in a gutter-punk band is sexy shit, especially since the lyrics are David Berkowitz's letter to the police. i mean that gets me hot enough, but when it's a spicy latina girl playing a lippy italian broad it just makes it all the more bonertasteriffic. this word verification stuff is for lesbian cock suckers. fuck this fuck, morons. i want some Big Black albums. some Diamanda Galas albums. some Poppy Z. Brite books. some Kylie Glatt. some Krisitn Sqroi. yes fuck you i'm naming names. you cunts don't read this shit anyway. and if you do, well fuck off. you should'nt have broken my heart. i loved you. both of you. and it wasn't enough. why? am i too ugly? too dumb? too drunk? don't make enough money? too pretensious for my own good? too much Swans and not enough Slowdive. you are both gorgeous and all men want you. you're smart and sexy and causing me to ramble across the anymous circutry seas of cyber-fuck-space...forgetting where i was over my excitment of Empire Discs going out of buisness sale. this is gaynus. i'm 23 and horny, so fuck me where i breath.


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