Sunday, August 13, 2006

from Scene Point Blank's interview w/ Watchmaker frontman Brian Livoti;

Scene Point Blank: In an interview, you stated that you write about things that matter. So I have to ask; what matters?

Brian Livoti: My wife matters. My fucking self matters. My daily fears, struggles and anxieties matter. I don’t really care about much of anything else enough to spend time venting about it. Watchmaker is as cathartic and therapeutic for me as it is a good fucking time, so I do not need to write contrived gore lyrics about something I’ve never experienced – or hope to experience - and really, why would I want to? Again, we are completely honest and straightforward about who we are and how we represent ourselves. How many of you young, suburban shit heads really know about the violence you portray in your songs? Fucking zero. So why sing about it, and base a fake persona off of it, you scared, posing pussies? Lyrics about being a tough guy, badass do not apply to me either, so why go that way? Being from Boston, we’ve got a lot of that queer, macho bullshit floating around, along with a whole bunch of confused people who seem to idolize that type of behavior. There is always going to be somebody tougher and meaner than you, no matter who you think you fucking are, and it serves you right to get your ass beat for blatantly throwing that shit around. “I’m from the streets”. “I’m in a gang”. “My neck tattoos make me so tough”. I hope you all go to prison and get ass raped. Sorry. Again, I digress. Your question had nothing to do with “ass raping”. But, nothing I sing about is contrived. Whatever is happening in my daily life at the time of recording is what gets put to pen. Anything in the titles that sound gory or horrific or violent is just metaphorical. The actual words I write are about dealing with the always multiplying pressures of my adult life, and what I do to deal with it. That is it. That is why I do this, and that is what matters.


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