Tuesday, August 15, 2006


i just found out that Anna Malle died earlier this year. car crash. she was a porn star. it prompted me to look up other porn stars that have passed on. Chloe Jones. Lea DeMae. it's eerie to think about. they star in well over a hundred movies, the point of reference for many a spank-session, then when they go it's barely a blip on the radar. it's eerie and a little unsettling. makes me feel like a creep...a genuiine creep...cause all i can think about is how good Chloe Jones looked giving head...or Anna Malle growling as she got fucked up the ass by Sean Michaels.

we really are repulsive idiots. we don't even deserve the organ we slime in our own palmed saliva...for no female tongue will ever gently baptize our cocks with their dew.

i hope i'm limp forever.

NP:Weezer-My Name is Jonas


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