Sunday, October 15, 2006

NP:Joy Division-Don't Leave Me Hanging (AAAH-HAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

so i caught this documentary on slasher movies the other night. a few things about that;


2. American Horror has been absolute shit since the mid eighties.

3. Silent Night, Deadly Night was a rip-off of Christmas Evil (which starred Fiona Apple's father as the Bad Santa). but in the end they both ripped off my favorite story from Tales from the Crypt. a story which was featured in the 1970s Hammer Horror adaptation (with sexy-ass Young Joan Collins as the female lead), and then later on the classic TV show where Larry Drake (Durrant from Darkman, Dr. Giggles) played the evil Santa.

4. Siskel and Ebert don't like these movies. i would love to see that Very Special Episode of Billard and Custard where they read deep into the psychogical underbelly of movies like New Years Evil and My Bloody Valentine. all kidding aside, they basically suggested that slasher films were a primordial reaction to the women's movement, and's hard to disagree with that. most of these films were just mindless softcore entertainment, porn with decapatations and stabbings instead of money shots, but yeah there is a bit of a mean streak towards women in many of these films. but at the risk of sounding like a misigonist (a word i still can't spell), So in the Fuck What? how many tv shows/romantic comedies come out on a regular basis where the men are either bumbling yutzs, socially inept sexless tard-screamers, or inefectual walking hard-ons? why aren't more men out there raising the red flag in protest of these one-dimensional and unfair portrayl of out gender found in these shows and films? because at the end of the day, the more intelligent of us just have to laugh at how woefully misdirected and simple these things are. they're just dopey little things that distract us from how fucking miserable things really are. plus they seem to forget the fact that the sole survivor in these movies is a woman, who because of her strength and teneacity lives through the whole ordeal involving the stuntman in the gas-mask or whatever. oh and by the way...after this special aired, Siskel is dead. Ebert has taken an exteneded leave of absense from his show for medical reasons. Coincidence?


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