Wednesday, November 08, 2006

oh and face it; some of you like fat chicks.

for the record, i find plenty of full-figured, shapely (back when those phrases actually meant full figured and shapely) to be drop-dead gorgeous. i like healthy looking girls. the problem nowadays is that chubby chasers apply the "healthy looking" label to grotesque over-eaters in moo-moos who are essentially junkies, and to call the objects of their affection on their UNHEALTHY lifestyle means that "oh so sorry i'm not into bony Paris Hilton types". it's so fucking lame how every stupid fetish and every semi-disease is now considered "against the grain" or "striking a blow against conformity". and just because i have no desire to rub my dick between the folds of a giant pink bean-bag doesn't mean i only find walking corpses attractive. i will take a Kate Winslet or a Norah Jones over a Micha Barton or a Nicole Richie any day of the year. but just because a girl is petite doesn't mean that "someone's gotta give that bitch a sammich! har hugh!". this pre-occupation people have with food is truly frightening, and if the only way you can find a girl desirable is if she has cold cuts stuck between her teeth, her fingers greasy with potato-chip oils, than maybe you should just fuck a party-sub while one of the Parkers milks your prostate with Pringles can. if you wanna fuck fat girls, than by all means go ahead, but be prepared to have your taste called into question. and if you want my opinion, the only reason you are into fat girls is because most of them (well the white ones anyway) are easy-to-manipulate unintimidating non-confident emotionally stunted naive little children who you can treat like shit and get away with it. and if she's a moron to boot, well than you've really got it made in the really-fucking-large shade. forgive me for wanting to be with a girl who is smart, funny, confident, and yes...SEXUALLY ATTRACTIVE.

and yes, i would rather fuck Fiona Apple than Kirstie Alley. sue me.


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