Saturday, December 02, 2006

"I see Walker standing there behind his work, it's always obliquely that I see him. which I far prefer to the bro-rock tendency of being embarrassingly confessional: I don't care why you're angry about your ex-girlfriend. EVERYbody's angry about their ex-girlfriend. I don't care why you hate you parents. I don't care about anything you care about. It has no resonance for me. And in my listening of this music very little sticks with me...a sort of crib notes of disaffection boiled down to a few lines from Pantera, Slayer and so on and these are the BEST. The worst? Linkin Park, Slipknot and so on are easy (but necessary) targets. And generate nothing. They're a modern type of tissue paper. And if they're reading this, I am sorry. Why don't you write a song about how I think your songs suck. Even that would be better than what's there now. Which is: bad writing by bad writers.

And no: not everyone should be allowed to write lyrics."

- Eugene Robinson


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