Sunday, December 31, 2006

in about 15 minutes it will be 2007.

i've spent the night drinking coffee, listening to Diamanda Galas and Laughing Hyenas, and now i've got the Itus from eating toasted hamburger buns.

Toni Braxton is on TV right now. she sounds sort of like when Maya Rudolph makes fun of Whitney Houston on SNL. i remember when Toni Braxton was everywhere. that video where her boyfriend dies in a motorcycle accident. Celine Dion did a similar video that same year. i didn't realize we were ringing in 1997 as opposed to 2007. as long as i don't have to relive the twin nightmare of Hanson and Batman and Robin, i'll be ok.

tried watching Waking Life this afternoon. shut it off about an hour into it. philosophy classes are boring. "wacky" squigly animation makes it boring AND an eyesore. it's like someone made an insightful movie for people who have never had an insightful moment in all their days. another opportunity for self-important morons to feel "deep" about they-don't-know-what. really it's just an excuse to mentally masturbate to the sound of their thoughtless-egotism given a rambling voice.

now they're talking about Mel Gibson's Jew-fueled Alcohol tirade (or some other arrangement of those words) and Britney Spears' mound and KKKramer. they're playing "Imagine" in the background as Toni Braxton and one of the losers from American Idol is being interviewed.

yeah...i think we're done.


something will be very wrong here.

as always.


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