Wednesday, December 06, 2006

NP:Hole-Doll Parts

faith is for those too lazy to question....questioning is for those too stubborn to believe....believing is for those who are severley dependant on their own those with faith or belief are severley lazy co-dependants, and those who question are too stubborn to be severley lazy co-dependants. guess i win again.

wrote this after my suspicions about a girl growing up to be a keen-on-jesus republican came to pass. that girl broke my heart and now i'm happy because i realized in her complete and utter castration of my manhood i just dodged several hundred crucifix-shaped bullets.

but now i hate religion even more. i don't wish for a Nihilist Nation, though. Nihilism is mine and you can't have it. have fun believing in Ghosts and an possible ascension into Cloud City. don't forget to give embryos the vote on your way up, Chalice-Tits.

so yeah, i'm fucking over you now. all i've got is my own anger. anger at all the time i wasted feeling jilted because you chose to have bad-sex with a garbage man while a Jesus TV Ornament basks in the putrid shadow of your lame fuck over something real with me. whatever. i'll laugh last and loud as always.

you're off-line, bitch.


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