Wednesday, December 13, 2006

NP:Unearthly Trance-Shinobi (Eyehategod song)

so i got my two copies of the Userlands anthology. came out pretty excellent. the image on the book cover looks like something Cronenberg picked off his scalp. my favorite piece in their has to be David Saa Viccenzo Estornell's "The Confined of the Saint-Sepulcre Covent". it's a fucking deadly read. totally inhuman, geniunely bizarre writing. also really enjoyed "Kali Yuga" by James Chapagne. not only because his name is James Champagne, but because the story is pretty funny, conversational without being dumbed down, and something of an eye-opener when it comes to the big-chain bookstores. it's the perfect comic releif for this particular collection.

i'm pretty happy with how my piece "Lycanthropy Wife" came out. i do feel it's a tad overwrought in some spots, but that's something that's always been a problem with me..i get worked into a tizzy over a piece and it spirals out of control. it works for the piece i suppose, but i can see how it's going to turn a few readers off. also now that i look at it i can see my "casual cribbing" of M. Gira's the Consumer actually borders on grand larceny, but that's ok. 'i was only 22" i tell them.

coffee's forcing the dump to burrough to my ass. lata.


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