Saturday, July 01, 2006

Charles Manson, Clive Barker, Charles Baudelaire, Jesus Christ, and Bill Brasky got their ideas by hearing me talk in my sleep. | Gary Busey won't return my phone calls. | i was kicked off America's Next Top Model. apparently, i'm not "TV" pretty. | i don't think the dinosaurs are dead. | if i ever get cancer, i want to undergo an operation that will make it contagious. | i've been threatened by the CIA and the FBI for releasing evidence that proves Tori Amos and Kate Bush are the same person. | the movie "the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" is based on my life story, except for the part about the pants, the sisterhood, and not flashing kindergardners.


I'm a Nihilistic Romantic Misanthropic Suicide Advocating Abotion Encouraging Mass Murder Condoning Anti-Anti, a Self Hating Anarchist, a Vegan Cannibal, a Cynical Optimist, an Upbeat Pessimist. I'm the Pro-Death who loves life. a Minimalistic Poet. a Poetic Minimalist. an Agreeable Contrarian. an Obsessive Compulsive with a compulsions to obsess. a Walking Contradiction whose feet are asleep.

Friday, June 30, 2006

Userlands: New Fiction from the Blogging Underground

just saw this. my short piece Lycanthropy Wife will be included in the anthology. one of the best authors ever, Dennis Cooper, put this whole thing together. it's going to be a pretty remarkable thing i'm sure, and i'm more than honored to be the plankton clinging to the hull of their ship, floating on poetry spawned from a lack of identity, and a lack of identity spawned from poetry.

i'm getting published. yay me.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

biggest influences on me currently;

- Starkweather
- Diamanda Galas
- Gus Van Sant's Last Days
- Thoughts of Ionesco
- Batman: the Killing Joke
- Laughing Hyenas
- self deprivation
- Being John Malkovich
- Cop Shoot Cop
- Darkman
- the Birthday Party
- Franz Kafka
- Jean Paul Satre
- night time walks
- Queensryche - Operation: Mindcrime
- harsh noise
- Soilent Green
- the Flaming Lips (up to and including Clouds Taste Metallic)
- the Henry Rollins Show
- Samoa Joe
- Faith No More - Album of the Year
- the Maxx
- Celebrity Murders/Deathcylce/Disnihil
- the musical projects, artistic endevors, and writings of Katherine Katz
- Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me
- Whale