Saturday, December 02, 2006

"I see Walker standing there behind his work, it's always obliquely that I see him. which I far prefer to the bro-rock tendency of being embarrassingly confessional: I don't care why you're angry about your ex-girlfriend. EVERYbody's angry about their ex-girlfriend. I don't care why you hate you parents. I don't care about anything you care about. It has no resonance for me. And in my listening of this music very little sticks with me...a sort of crib notes of disaffection boiled down to a few lines from Pantera, Slayer and so on and these are the BEST. The worst? Linkin Park, Slipknot and so on are easy (but necessary) targets. And generate nothing. They're a modern type of tissue paper. And if they're reading this, I am sorry. Why don't you write a song about how I think your songs suck. Even that would be better than what's there now. Which is: bad writing by bad writers.

And no: not everyone should be allowed to write lyrics."

- Eugene Robinson
“I don’t know what the word diva means anymore,” I think the word diva now means anything that sits down to piss. It refers now to something as ugly as Martha Stewart to something uglier, presumably. It used to mean someone who was able to sing a range of three octaves of an unbroken timbre, as in the bel canto tradition, but it certainly does not now. I think it means someone who has gone to manicurists or something.”

- Diamanda Galas.
NP:Harvey Milk-Crush them All

had a dream last night/this morning where i discovred i had GG Allin albums in my cd collection. i know one of the albums was Freaks, Faggots, Drunks, & Junkies...the other one might have been You Give Love a Bad Name. i was all like "Hey cool i have some GG Allin albums". then my borther and i talked about the horrible 3D fx of Jaws 3 were, particularly the moments where the shark is floating over the underground-tube of the aquarium where the people go to see the deep sea life and the part where the heroes are standing around looking at the giant fish tank and yelling in slo-mo as the shark gets closer and closer, finally breaking the glass and causing water and glass to flood the room. the rest of the dream is images of giant sharks attacking and getting blown up in mid-air by harpoons...with no debris or shark-parts to show for it.

NP:Harvey Milk-Once in a While

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

NP:Genesis-Land of Confusion

so it's a quater to 2 am and i couldn't sleep because i had to write a poem about Superman. that's right...Superman. it's come to this. i think i might just hit the hay right about now. only got about little over a week of school left. than i'm done. for forever if i so desire, and it just might be that. i'm not making sense. i need go sleep in bed now.