Tuesday, February 27, 2007

NP:Portishead-Glory Box

just discovered this australian black/death metal band called Portal. they're a weird bunch. their frontman is this guy called "Curator" who stage attire looks like Zodiac meets Scarecrow from Batman Begins. here's some youtube; PORTAL - the Sweyy.

shit like this makes me glad that i can't sleep sometimes. i had a real depressor of a weekend. saw girls that aren't going to fuck me. drank too much. was driven home in the back of a pick-up truck, the crisp 20 degree air of early morning February blasting invisible but violent money shots on my face. had dreams involving nipple clamps left on too long, causing blood to push under the skin around the nipples, which made it look like tomato sauce had been dumped onto the chest, and a big metallic red scar across the side of my head. i can still feel my left cheek tingle when i think about fingering it. was violently ill for a whole day.

Scorsese finally got his "due". I'm not going to Canada this summer. it's alright i guess. it's all alright.


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