Sunday, March 04, 2007

NP:Johnny Mandel-Suicide is Painless

i just found out that Wonder Showzen, without a doubt my absolute favorite tv show of the last 8 years, will not be back for a third season.

this doesn't shock me at all. i can see how a subversive, mockingly cynical, joyously nihilistic puppet show would be lost on the dim-witted american audience (especially considering it was aired on MTV, whose exploitation/glorification of the newest generation of empty headed undeservingly narcissistic gimmeitit'sMINE-ites of the country would be comical if it wasn't so morose).

they had a segment where kids in overcoats did on-the-street reporting. since these kids were on the beat, the segement was called "BEAT KIDS". at the begining of every "BEAT KIDS" segment, this would come on the screen;

ala Cape Fear.

one kid dressed as Hitler. others asked if a parrot could say "Smash the State", taunted gamblers at a race track, chanted "Lynch the Winner" at a beauty pagant, and other things.

there were more memorable moments in 1 episode of Wonder Showzen's 2 season run than in the every combined episode of Drawn Together and 75% of Adult Swim's programing (ATHF and some others being the exceptions). go get the DVD's and see for yourself. if you don't find anything worth while than you're a lost cause.too much great shit is flooding my brain right now. i have every episode on tape and i will now get the DVDs, if only for what i'm sure are worthwhile extras.

the second season was even more transgressive (and hilarious) than the first, the last two episodes completely ignoring the typical format of the show and experimenting, the penultimate an episode-length edition of the Horse Apples scetch, their grimly hysterical pisstake of Hee-Haw featuring comedians Todd Barry, Zach Galifanakas, David Cross, and others (including neo-folk superstar Bonnie "Prince" Billy as a jailed southern preacher) which, as any good satire does, didn't merely make fun of a classic tv show, but used it to spray bile and venom onto all those who romanticize the whole salt-of-the-earth-gee-shucks confederate flag bearing gun toting bible tounging lifestyle...somehow finding the balance between hateful tirade and uprorious parody. it's a tricky balancing act, perhaps the only others to perfect it are the people behind South Park, and even sometimes they get too wrapped up in the message to remember why they decided to make something worthy of satire and just wind up resoritng to childish name-calling to get their point across (ie their recent 9/11 conspiracy theory episode).

at this point, even the "devoted" fans cried foul. "where are the puppets?" these people can go fuck themselves into nothing. you never got it and you never will. Wonder Showzen isn't fucking Crank Yankers. there's more ot it than "ooh puppets talking about jizz". it was one of the only shows that truly understood irony...REAL irony. that's probably why it will now become a lost classic, only loved by the few who really knew what it was about. and even we're going to be wrong. but that's what makes us right about it.


"Looks like God's got egg on his face and his foot in his mouth...OR MORE LIKE HIS BONER. doi!"

enjoy the sweet sixteens and Bam Margera's fake wedding.


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