Thursday, March 08, 2007

NP:Sneaker Pimps-Spin Spin Sugar

song of the night. i miss the evil and sexy female fronted bands of the mid/late 90s. Sneaker Pimps. Portishead. Whale. i guess that's it. it always bugged me that mediocre bullshit like Garbage ate up the green while Whale has been relegated to the erased-history-files. "Stupid Girl" ain't got SHIT on "Pay for Me".

the last few days have been very 'lax...a mellow grey.

looks like i may have finally put some ugly shit behind me....stuff that i've been holding on to for nearly a decade now. it came to a head...a sloppy, toothless head... this past weekend and worked it way out of traction by mid-week. regained a friend out of it, and that's just fine. it all seems so god damn damn wasteful...that i brooded and obsessed over this shit for as long as i did. got some good lyrics out of it...some good story fragments too. oh well...on to the next catastrophe that will leave my psyche ripe for exploitation.

looks like the Communion will be playing a LOT of shows in late april and may. looking forward to it. imagining all the horrible things i can do to myself than putting it to words/vocals/performance.

my new favorite pornstar is Dana Vespoli. Asian with an Italian name. if her queefs sounded like Birthday Party albums she'd just might be perfection of the female form.

get some sleep, asshole.


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